Choosing an email marketing software

Email Marketing software

You need an email marketing software as it would be very inefficient to use your normal email application to send emails to a large mailing list and you won't be able to get sufficient reports once it is sent.

There are different email marketing software available in the market with different levels of complexity and features. When choosing your email marketing software, you should think about the following key parameters:


A good email marketing software should be able to give you reports on the following metrics:
  • Delivery and Bounce Rate
  • Open-Rate
  • Click-Through Report
  • Conversion Rate


An email marketing software should allow you to personalize all parts of the email for each recipient.

Language Support: 

If you are planning to send emails in languages other than English, make sure your email marketing software supports those languages.

Integration API: 

If you wish to use your software for automatic transactional emails generated by your website, you would need to make sure the software provides suitable APIs for that purpose.

Integration with Web Analytics: 

To be able to track the results of your email campaigns, you should make sure your email marketing software has the ability to integrate with your web analytics tools.

Testing Tools: 

Email marketing involves a lot of testing. That includes testing different versions of the email to understand which one works better for your audience as well as testing your email across different browsers and email clients to make sure your email is rendered properly.

Strong email marketing software:

ExactTarget Email Marketing Software
EmailVision Email Marketing Software

Pure360 Email Marketing Software

SilverPop Email Marketing Software

StrongMail Email Marketing Software