What counts as conversion in an email marketing campaign?

What counts as conversion
Before you decide how to optimize your landing page to increase conversion, you need to define what counts as conversion

While we all like to sell, it is not the only measure of conversion. Here are a few other metrics that can count as conversion depending on your campaign:
  • The most obvious measure of conversion is when the user makes a purchase on your website. 
  • If email campaign was sent to a third party database, the most important thing is to get the users to register on your database (e.g. to subscribe to your newsletter). This way you will get to email those people for free the next time you have an offer.
  • In a B2B sales environment, usually sales only takes place after a conversation between the client and the sales team. In these cases, any replies, calls or online chats initiated from the email campaign should count as conversion.
  • The most successful campaigns, are those which become viral i.e. get forwarded around social and professional networks and generate free additional traffic. If that is what you aim for, you should count  likes, shares, and forwards as conversion.
  • Selling is usually easier when the user has had previous encounters with your website and offerings. So every visit to your website and every additional page viewed during that visit, contributes to future sales and can count as conversion for your campaign.
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