Best time to send email marketing campaigns

Best time to email

So far we have covered a two key parameters impacting open-rate of an email marketing campaign i.e. email subject and sender's name. However no matter how good you select your subject and sender's name, if you send your email at a bad time, the chances are your email will get lost among tens of other emails.

The best time of the day to send an email campaign is different for each country and industry.  You should always try to understand your user’s behavior by testing and learning. But there are some general trends which can be used as a base line:

Best day of the week for email marketing?

In a B2B environment you should try to avoid weekends and public holidays. Here’s why:

  • People check their emails during the week more than weekends. So it is likely to get more attention if you send the emails during the week.
  • People tend to be more busy (or feel more busy) on the first day of the week. They already have some emails piled up from last week and the weekend that they need to attend to. So it is generally not a good time to send them another email. If you have to send an email on the first day of the week, give your recipients a few hours to get settled in their work and clear their inbox. 
  • On the last day of the week, people tend to leave things for next week. So try to avoid sending emails on the last day of the week.

People have more time for themselves when they don’t have work commitments. So in a B2C environment, it could be even better emails just before weekends and holidays.

Best time of the day for email marketing?

In short, the best time to send an email is when people are checking their emails, so your email appears on top of the list rather than in the middle of other emails. According to statistics, people tend to check their emails in the morning and early afternoon.

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