Successful Email Subject Line

Successful Email Subject Line
Choosing the right subject line is extremely important for improving the open rate of your campaign. Like a book cover, it should grab attention and provide some information about the inside.

Here are a few tips which can make your subject line successful:

  • Choose a catchy subject line that attracts attention and is interesting for your recipient.
  • Be honest and choose a subject which truly describes your email. If you are dishonest about what you offer, your future emails won’t get opened.
  • Make sure it is easy to read. Avoid using all-capital or too many dollar signs and exclamation marks.
  • For regular emails of the same nature, keep the format consistent so users recognize it immediately and know what to expect inside. 
  • Use different formats for different campaigns so the user can differentiate them.
  • Keep it short so it is readable without opening the email. There is no direct correlation between the length of a subject line and the open rate. But since most email clients only display certain number of characters, it is important to make sure everyone can read the entire subject. It is recommended to limit the subject line to 50 characters including spaces.
  • Test different subjects and see which one works better for your business. Create different emails and send each of them to a small portion of your database and see which subject line brings you better results.

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You might realize there are conflicting ideas about what a good subject line is. This emphasizes the importance of learning the behavior of your users by testing different subject lines and improving your campaigns over time.