Creating a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

To make sure your campaign is a great success, you need to think about the entire conversion funnel of an email marketing campaign.

Email Campaign Conversion Funnel
Email Marketing Conversion Funnel
There are four parameters which impact the success of an email marketing campaign:

1. Delivery Rate
2. Open Rate
3. Click-Through Rate
4. Conversion Rate

Here is how you can improve each of these parameters:

Increasing Email Delivery Rate

If your mailing list contains correct email addresses, the only thing that could impact delivery is if your email is marked as spam. Read our article on how to avoid being marked as spam by email clients and spam filters.

Increasing Email Open Rate

Even when your email is not marked as spammed and is delivered to the recipient’s inbox, only a portion of your recipients, will actually open it.

The following articles explain, how you can increase the chances of  your email getting opened:

Increasing Email Click-Through Rate

Once the users open your email, there are many factors that could impact their decision as to whether or not they should click on the links.

Here are a few tips on how to increase click-through rate for a successful email marketing campaign.

Increasing Email Campaign Conversion Rate

You have come a long way to get the user to open the email and click on the links. To complete this journey, you should have a great landing page on your website which converts traffic to clients or leads. You can read more about this topic on the links below: