Choosing a high quality mailing list

High Quality Mailing List

Earlier we explained the benefits of email marketing over other channels. To take advantage of these benefits, you need to have the right mailing list. If you don't have your own mailing list or wish to expand your reach, you can purchase a mailing list.

There are plenty of mailing lists in the market and you should be very careful where you purchase a database. The types of things you should keep in mind about when purchasing are:

  • What sources have been used to generate the mailing list?
  • Have the recipients opted-in to receive marketing emails?
  • Do you buy the database and send emails yourself, or do they send the email on your behalf without giving you the actual email addresses?
  • What targeting options are available?
  • How old is the data? How often do they refresh the list?
  • What are their typical bounce rate, open rate, and click-through rate?
  • What personalization options are available?
  • What is the cost?

Typically, job sites tend to have very good databases because they have a lot of information about their users which can be used for targeting. Also, since they send out a lot of emails to their users, they usually have the right infrastructure and a clean database which enables them to offer high quality email marketing services.

Another good way to find a high quality mailing list is to work with an online advertising agency or a mailing list broker.